1st Class

1st Class

Please explore the list of learning activities below that will help support your child’s learning. Please try and complete what you can.  There is also a list of fab resources here that will help with lots of other learning activities. 

Don’t forget, it is super important to get some fresh air and exercise as well!


Maths week 1

  • Mental Maths: David Week 16, Lisa Week 23
  • Table Toppers 50-51 
  • Telling the time: please visit https://www.teachingtime.co.uk/ and play the yr 1 stop the clock game. Please feel free to extend as appropriate. 
  • Please feel free to play as many maths games on https://www.abcya.com as you want to!  Please feel free to extend and adjust as appropriate. 

Maths week 2


Literacy week 1 

  • ES: Pg 52-53
  • Daily reading min 15 minutes. Don’t forget to read a mix of fiction and fact books!
  • Write a story! Please use the template provided to write a 4 part story on any topic you’d like
    • Part 1 – Introduction – Who is in the story, where is it taking place?
    • Part 2 – Problem!
    • Part 3 – Solve the problem!
    • Part 4 – Resolution! 
  • Practice your tricky word knowledge with these games
  • Practice your phonics knowledge with these games

Literacy week 2

  • ES: Pg 54-55
  • Daily reading min 15 minutes. 
  • Write another story! Who is your main character? Where will your story take place? What problem will they have?
  • Practice your ‘sh’, ‘ch’, and ‘th’ knowledge with this games


Gaeilge Weeks 1 and 2  

Please speak everyday in Irish and try and have a conversation using some of the questions below please!  Don’t forget, your answers might not always be the same!

There are some fabulous word mats on Twinkl if you sign up for a free account which can help with vocabulary. Search for ‘Focal Mata’

Ceisteanna Comhrá

  1. Dia Duit
  2. Cé tusa?     
  3. Cad is anim duit?
  4. Conas atá tú?    
  5. Cén sórt aimsir atá again innú?
  6. Cad atá tú ag caitheamh?
  7. An maith leat _____?
  8. An fearr leat ____ nó ____?
  9. Cad a d’ith tú don bhricfeasta?
  10. Cad a d’ol tú ag am lóin?
  11. Cad a rinne tú inné?

Ceisteanna Comhrá

  1.  Dia is muir duit
  2. Is mise ____.
  3. ____ is anim dom.
  4. Tá  / Níl mé ____.
  5. Tá sé ____.

  6.  Tá _____ orm.
  7. Is maith liom ____.
  8. Is fearr liom ____.
  9. D’ith mé ____.
  10. D’ol mé ____.
  11. Bhi mé ____.

English Translation

  1. Hello
  2. What is your name ____?
  3. What is your name ____?
  4. How are you ____?
  5. Whats the weather like today?
  6. What are you wearing?
  7. Do you like?
  8. Do you prefer ____ or ____?
  9.  What did you eat for breakfast?
  10. What did you drink at lunch?
  11. What did you do yesterday?

Aistear (SESE)

Our next Aistear topic is The Garden, we are looking at plants, birds and minibeasts. If you have the chance, please go out into the garden and investigate everything you can! Turn over stones and see what lurks beneath! Take a magnifying glass out and study the buds and new flowers. If you do, please fill in the learning diary sheet that is in the resources section.  You might even try and spot some birds from the window!

If you are able to, please have a go at completing the bird and mini-beast fact file sheets and then, if possible, please try and build a bird feeder and a bug hotel. There is a sheet for you to write some instructions for someone else to have a go too! The videos we’ve linked below might help you find out some information too. 

Learn Together

In our learn together topic, we were looking at helping the environment, this was integrated into our Aistear work. At home, can you help sort the recycling from the general waste. Have a discussion and use these questions to help.

  • Do you have a green bin at your house, if so, what can go in it? 
  • Why do you think some things can be recycled and others can’t?
  • How could we make more things recyclable?
  • How do you think we could reduce our waste?
  • What would you say if you met the Taoiseach, to convince them to recycle more?