3rd Class

3rd Class

Please complete as much work as you can over the school closure. Try to do a piece of English, Gaeilge and Maths everyday.  Thank you and remember to always try your best! 🙂


  • Mental Maths – one each day like we do in class
    • Week 25, Week 26 and problem solving section
  • Operation Maths Pupils Book 
    • Revision 3 The Ancient Egyptians 
    • Week 1 p110 Q1-3
    • Week 2 p111 Q4+5
      • Do one question a day e.g. Monday Q1 a-c, Tuesday Q2 a-d

Additional activities

  • Multiplication wheels worksheet
  • Division wheels worksheet

Suggested online maths games


  • Exploring Spellings unit 12
    • Week 1: Learn spellings and do exercises p51-p53
    • Week 2: Write definitions of spellings using a dictionary. Put spellings into sentences, minimum of 8 words long. One sentence for each spelling
    • Read at Home – complete one a day

Week 1   

  • When night falls p.91     
  • Rosa Parks p.92    
  • Lamb p.93  and Planets p.94     
  • Postman on sick leave p.95            

Week 2

  • Yuri Gagarin p.96
  • Rules p.97
  • Water water everywhere p.98
  • Schoolitis p.99
  • William Tell p.100


  • Week 1: Verbs into sentences – verbs and instructions on drive
      • Write the two sentences for 2 verb a day
  • Week 2: Réamhfhocail worksheet on drive to help with questions below
    • Write the following sentences into your copy and draw the picture to match, each picture should be half a copy page in size.
      • Tá madra ar an mbosca.
      • Tá luch faoin mbord.
      • Tá cat ag an mbord.
      • Tá cat sa bhosca.
      • Tá buachaill idir an madra agus an cat.
      • Tá Mamaí ag an mbord.
      • Tá Daidí faoin mbord.
      • Tá cailín ar an mbord.
      • Tá buachaill sa bhosca.
      • Tá an madra idir Mamaí agus Daidí.
  • Dathaigh na uibheabha cásca (colour the easter eggs) (see worksheets


  • Week 1: Watch stone age video below


  1. Prepare a presentation on what you have learned about the stone age, you will present to the class when we are back. E.g. a song, a poem, drama or written project etc. your choice
  2. Write a diary entry imagining a day in the life of a person living in the stone age. At least 8 sentences

Week 2: Inspirational person project 

  • Instructions and research sheet linked

Music – Week 1 + 2


  • Week 1: Write questions to ask a person in the stone age. 
    • Get someone to ask you the questions as you role play being a person from the stone age. 
  • Week 2: Role play interview with your inspirational person (see SESE)

PE – Week 1 +2

SPHE – Week 1 + 2

  • Write 3 positive things that happened each day or 3 things you are thankful for.

Art  – Week 1 + 2