Senior Infants

Senior Infants

Please complete as much work as you can over the school closure.  Please make sure to practise your phonics, reading, sentence work, tricky words and number skills everyday.   

Below are links to activities which can be completed at home for Senior Infants, you will need to get a free Twinkl subscription to access most files. 


Day 1 

Doubles ppt 

Doubles up to ten ppt &

Day 2 

Money recognition ppt & revise ways to make number 18.

Day 3 

Money worksheet


Day 5

Days of the week activity.–new-days-of-the-week-cut-and-stick-activity_ver_1.pdf?__token__=exp=1584280959~acl=%2Fresource%2Fce%2F49%2Fni-l-147–new-days-of-the-week-cut-and-stick-activity_ver_1.pdf%2A~hmac=f0d2bd78bbca05bceb8596175a2916f869c4ddb2d56440de1af75009372e0ce4

Day 6 Months of the year. This activity can be completed over days 7 and 8.

Day 7

Months of the year.

Day 8

Lighter and Heavier ppt. Discuss everyday items.

Day 9 

Lighter and heavier worksheet

Day 10 Maths Challenges


Please ask children to do one of these per day and to write the sentences

Day 1 Literacy activities rhyming: 

What Rhymes ppt 

Rhyming match quiz 

Rhyming activity sheet

Day 2 Phonics Revision and Reading ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’, also questions about the book in link below.

Day 3

Pages 8-12

Day 4

Page 1 & 18 Word and picture match and word search

Day 5

Pages 17 & 2 Sentence Substitution and word and picture matching

Day 6

Discuss a story to write based on one of the following pictures- draft of story using ‘story map a’ 

Useful resource for story writing ––_ver_4.pdf?__token__=exp=1584279711~acl=%2Fresource%2Fae%2F22%2Fau-l-195-how-to-write-a-good-story-checklist–_ver_4.pdf%2A~hmac=fb70c173983a4ab7f194fb60b9f3bfd232495429e0207d7783778fd9ce781bdb

Day 7

Complete story

Day 8

Oral Language –

Day 9

Day 10 Poem Activity

Please play tricky word games with children as part of their daily activities. You can revise all the tricky words to date. 

Please revise the diagraphs with children- ai, ie, ue, oo, oa, ch, sh, th, by writing words with these sounds. 

Please continue reading with your children every day. 


Science Experiments at home


Music Resource

SPHE – I am special worksheet activity.

Gaeilge Resource

Senior Infants Work Grid